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Download WhatsApp Plus 8.30 new version

WhatsApp Plus 8.30 new version ; One of the new versions that were launched in the past few hours for all users of the application around the world, where the new update witnessed a number of important additions requested by all users, in order to obtain a new and distinctive experience through distinctive additions, as WhatsApp Plus is one of the Important and modified applications by some developers around the world, after a number of important additions and features were made, which won the approval of many users who received the new update from the developers.

Features of WhatsApp Plus WhatsApp Plus 8.30 new version

owns WhatsApp Plus applicationA number of important features that we will explain to you in the article.

- Choose wallpaper for each contact individually.

You can translate messages into more than one language.

The app has more than 34 chat bubbles.

Hide the last seen, and the application has the feature to hide the blue health.

- Distinguish the individual message from the group, and you can change the font style.

- You can work on changing the shapes of the colors of the health.

Completely remove remnants of the program, and you can also hide the icon for recording voice notes.

You can turn off voice calls.

You can hide your number inside the main screen.

Hide the camera icon.

- You can copy cases distinctly.

You can save the display image, and increase the number of case letters to 256 words.

Hide the connection status (last seen).

The application also has many other important features, which you will discover by downloading the application on your phone in order to get all new, as the application has become a real competitor to the basic WhatsApp application, and you get 50 million downloads, for all different phones.

Download WhatsApp Plus 8.30 new version

Download WhatsApp Plus 8.30 new version ; One of the versions that have become officially available in the current hours for all different devices and phones, as work has been done to support the new version in order to work on all different phones of all types, in order to obtain large percentages of users.

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