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Download WhatsApp Plus Blue APK latest version 2022

Download WhatsApp Plus Blue APK latest version 2022 Where the application Blue WhatsApp Plus It is one of the most important messaging chat applications, as the developer has downloaded it and is committed to improving and developing this version in order to add many great features that are not present in any other applications, and this application is a strong and competitive alternative to WhatsApp Gold, because WhatsApp Blue contains Similar features that are not available in any other version, it is a modified version of the regular WhatsApp, supports hiding appearance, and also allows you to download stories, as well as a lot of privacy that this application enjoys and does not cause harm.

Blue WhatsApp Plus

Through this application, you can exchange text messages between many phones and operating systems, and you will be transferred to instant messaging without paying any fees, as it is available for several devices, including the iPhone and BlackBerry, as well as Android, Nokia and Windows, and through it you can correspond with any type of device You have it, and it is important to know that it uses the same internet data plan that you use for your email, so there is no additional fee to connect with friends, it is a modified version against the ban that you can download easily.

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Features of WhatsApp Plus Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

The blue WhatsApp Plus application has many advantages, which are:

تحميل واتساب بلس الازرق WhatsApp Plus APK أحدث اصدار 2022

Privacy: You can control your privacy in terms of hiding appearing to friends or setting the time to hide by date and hour, and you can also control the shape of the application such as choosing the colors of the appropriate themes, where there are ready-made as well as appropriate themes to satisfy all tastes, and you can lock the conversation with a secret number.

Increase video sizeWith this application, you can increase the size of the video, and you can also share it via the regular WhatsApp, as the original application allows you to share the video with a size of 16 MB, but in the Blue WhatsApp, the size has been doubled very much to reach more than 100 MB.

Send AnimationThrough this feature, you can send animated images, as the developer has worked on introducing all the features that suit everything that is modern, so you can now send and exchange animated images in an easy and simple way with your friends, as these are wonderful features that are not present in the original application.

Text message word formattingThis application has several services that the Word application performs, through which you can distinguish the font of the text message that you are writing, and you can also make it written in italics, straight or thick lines and many other wonderful and distinctive writing options that are available via WhatsApp blu.

Share something to a friend of yours in a group: In the famous social networking site Facebook, you can share a post to your friend, and now with the modern blue WhatsApp you can actually do that, where when you create a group, you can share to a friend within the group just as you do on Facebook, this is a great feature.

Hide the feature: You can hide your appearance from your friends, where no one knows if you are online or not, and you can also hide the blue check mark that appears when you read your friends’ message, and you can also hide writing and specify this feature in general for all or specify it for a specific person as you wish.

Change application colors and themes: You can change the colors and themes of the application in an easy and simple way, as there are many themes within its own store, you can choose from among them the shape you want, and you can change the shape of the program continuously to feel renewal, so say goodbye to boredom and repeat the usual forms of the application.

تحميل واتساب بلس الازرق WhatsApp Plus APK أحدث اصدار 2022

Change app icons: The blue WhatsApp application is considered a killer of routine and boredom, as it loves to change permanently. The application now gives you the advantage of changing the basic application icon and choosing the shape you want and that suits your taste, in order not to feel bored and bored of using the same shape, it is really an amazing feature.

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How to download WhatsApp Plus Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

You can work on downloading the blue WhatsApp Plus application through the official website for download.from hereThen the following must be followed:

  • Installing the application: When you search, you will find the blue WhatsApp Plus file, click on it, and then you will receive a confirmation message for the installation, click on the install icon, the application will open with you without any problem, in an easy and simple way.
  • Phones supported by the app: The modified application cannot work on all Apple products, because the company imposes various conditions and guarantees in order to provide high security.

At the conclusion of this article, we have talked about how to download the latest version of WhatsApp plus 13.95, the advantages of the application, and also how to download it.

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