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Download WhatsApp Plus Gold 10.00 One of the most prominent programs that people need to be a network of communication between many people in different countries of the world, as anyone can download the WhatsApp program for free without paying any financial fees to download it, to chat, or whether a video call, but it is considered one of the first programs that he needs People deal with many relatives, friends and acquaintances, as it is one of the most popular social networking programs, but in recent times, the WhatsApp program has become talking and adding some modifications to it to suit all segments of society.

This program has developed and became called WhatsApp Golden, which is a distinctive symbol that distinguishes the characteristics and properties of this program, and it has become easy for many people to download the new WhatsApp and work to update it constantly, make free calls, make group chats, talk with all your friends and acquaintances, and get to know each other. Today, I have some of the advantages, disadvantages and characteristics of the new WhatsApp Gold program in its new form and the new update for it.

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Features of the WhatsApp Gold program

WhatsApp Gold is similar to the normal green WhatsApp, but there are some clear differences as WhatsApp Gold has many characteristics, features and characteristics that make it distinct in its use over the green WhatsApp, it supports many of the features that we learn about in this paragraph, including: -

  • WhatsApp Gold supports the chat feature with everyone you love, but you must have his number first, as you can register all the numbers of your relatives and friends and you can communicate with them with ease.
  • It also supports a video call feature, so you can call the person you want and do some other things that make you see that person.
  • WhatsApp Gold is provided in many languages of the world. It is one of the most popular programs in which there are many languages, including Arabic, English, French, Italian and some other languages.
  • It is also equipped with the ability to set a password on WhatsApp from outside so that no one can see all conversations and messages, as they are very private.
  • It is also equipped with linking web settings. If you can open WhatsApp from your laptop or computer, you have to click on the web settings and photograph the screen for the first time only and then enjoy making conversations through this open program on the web and not only on the phone.
  • It is equipped with the feature of responding to messages automatically, where you can put a specific message. If the person writes to you, the program will respond to the message automatically, and this feature is one of the most distinctive features that distinguishes WhatsApp Gold from other social networking programs.
  • Supports sending and receiving photos, videos, and many supported files.

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Download WhatsApp Plus Gold 10.00

After we got acquainted with some of the program’s features and some of the features that exist in it, you should know how to download the program, when you download it, you download it for free without any payment of money, on your mobile phone you can enter via the online store of your phone.

and write Download WhatsApp Gold Where you click on the word “Install” and then the program is installed immediately with typing the name of the account that you are making and writing your mobile phone number, with writing your country code before writing the number, and then you can change all your settings.

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