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Download WhatsApp Plus Gold 2020 WhatsApp Plus Gold, the latest version for all phones

WhatsApp Plus Gold 2020 ; One of the versions recently launched for all phones on which the application works, whether for Android or iPhone, as the application is a modified version of Whatsapp application Basic and WhatsApp Plus, and it has been completely modified by some developers and added many important features that cannot be obtained in any of the other applications, and the application succeeded in obtaining a lot of users all over the world, after it provided many advantages Important, the application is also a lite version of WhatsApp, as it works on all phones without any exception and does not cause any slowdown at all or load on the memory.

Features of WhatsApp Plus Gold 2020

Application WhatsApp Plus GoldIt has a lot of important features found in the WhatsApp Plus application and the WhatsApp application, and it is the lightest version of WhatsApp in general, what distinguishes it is that it works on all phones, even the phones that stopped WhatsApp work in the recent period.

Possibility to hide appearance:

WhatsApp Gold, offers you the feature of hiding online appearance, which is the same feature found in WhatsApp Plus, and also provides you with greater control over the feature.

Not knowing receipt:

Through the application, you can read the various messages received on the phone, without the sender knowing that you have read the messages, by canceling the blue health sign.

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold 2020 WhatsApp Plus Gold latest version

Hide writing and recording:

The application allows you to fully control the writing and recording feature, which was added by the main WhatsApp application, which appears in the case of writing a message or recording a message for any of the people in the friends.

Writing a longer case:

Through the application, you can work on writing cases of more than 130 characters, which are present in the main WhatsApp application, as the application provides you with writing cases more and working on placing a lot of beautiful emojis that are abundant inside the application.

Color adjustment:

The application offers you a more than wonderful feature, which is to work on changing the colors of the entire application into a large number of beautiful colors, which suit all tastes, where you can modify the colors, fonts and backgrounds of the application, and you can also modify the program icon itself on the phone, and a lot of Beautiful modifications provided by the application.

Run two numbers: 

Through the WhatsApp Plus Gold application, you can operate two numbers on the same phone, while protecting yourself from being blocked.


One of the important features provided by the application, where you can work to send more than 90 images at once on the application Whatsapp plus Gold, instead of sending only 30 photos, and you can also send a 30MB video clip instead of only 15MB.

The application contains a lot of important features that are not present in any of the other applications, including the modification of colors and work on adding cases longer than before, and you can work on viewing cases without knowing the owner of the case and other features that you must discover.

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold 2020 WhatsApp Plus Gold latest version

WhatsApp Plus Gold 2020; It is a very special free application that works lightly on all phones without any exception and does not cause any slowdown on phones like other applications, and the application has received more than 50 million downloads on all phones, and you can download the application through the following links:

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

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