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Download the latest WhatsApp gold update, the latest version, Whatsapp plus gold 2022

Download the latest WhatsApp Gold update 2022 It is an application modified by the developers who were keen to support the application with many modern features that are not present in many other versions, including the original application. This version of the application provides many advanced touches that distinguish it from other similar messaging applications or other versions of the application The application also has a very simple and easy to use interface.

Golden WhatsApp

This application is one of the most professional applications in dealing as it supports many additional features such as setting passwords for your private chats, which provides you with complete security when using, and this feature is one of the most features that the work team has been keen to put in the application and this is because the application supports privacy for users and the program It is constantly updated to fix all the problems that users face, and this upgraded version is characterized by stability and high performance when running.

Features of WhatsApp Gold, the latest version

When downloading the WhatsApp Gold application, the latest version of WhatsApp Gold v13.95, users will notice that this version is completely different from all similar versions of the program from previous versions. The most prominent features of the WhatsApp Gold application, the latest version of WhatsApp Gold v13.95, which came as follows:

تحميل تحديث واتساب الذهبي اخر اصدار Whatsapp plus gold 2022

  • Long press feature to reply to messages directly: You can reply to a specific message within a large conversation by long clicking on the message, so you can reply simply, and this feature is one of the most prominent and most important features of the WhatsApp Gold application, the latest version of WhatsApp Gold 2022.
  • Ultra-fast in-conversation translation feature: When you have a conversation with friends, you can translate the conversation very quickly by clicking on the button for translating conversations in any language in the world, and this feature is not available in the original application and many other versions of the application.
  • Voice change feature when recording an audio clip: You can change the sound to a funny voice when recording an audio clip to add an atmosphere of fun with your friends during your chats.
  • Confirmation feature before making a voice and video call: The application is provided with a confirmation feature when making voice or video calls, and this feature is one of the most important features that have been added to the program.

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Features of updating WhatsApp Gold, latest version 2022

WhatsApp Plus Gold has many important features, including:

  • The app is provided with a quick translation feature while having a conversation.
  • Your photo and profile settings have been updated.
  • No one in your contacts can block you.
  • You can reply to a specific message by long-clicking on it.
  • You can back up all your conversations and chats.
  • You can install live wallpaper of static themes and animated themes.
  • You can change your voice while having a voice chat or while recording an audio clip.
  • You can save photos and videos that were sent to you on Gallery.
  • Malware detection and pseudovirus detection are enabled.
  • Refresh the screen for hidden conversations.
  • Confirm the user when he wants to make a voice call or a video call.
  • Hide your last appearance on the application so that it is not visible to your contacts.
  • You can activate more than one number and run other copies of the application on the same phone.
  • You can delete messages with you and the person with whom you are having a conversation, whether it is a voice or a written conversation.
  • You can download and run the application for free without paying any subscriptions.
  • The application works on all modern Android systems without any problems.
  • The application includes an unlimited number of languages because it is the first choice for users around the world.

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How to install WhatsApp Gold, the latest version, Whatsapp plus gold 2022

WhatsApp Gold can be installed on the mobile by following the following:

  • Adjust phone settings to download the application: Go to your phone settings and then activate the download of unknown programs and applications so that the download process can be completed with ease.
  • When the box for the application appears, you must enter it and follow the instructions and steps that the application shows you, then enjoy the wonderful features of this upgraded version of the WhatsApp Gold application.

Download the latest WhatsApp gold update, the latest version, Whatsapp plus gold 2022

You can work on downloading the latest version of the WhatsApp Gold update for all phones, whether Android or iPhone, through the official WhatsApp Plus Gold website.”from here“, as the application works on all phones without exception and all available systems.

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