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Golden WhatsApp | Download WhatsApp Plus Gold, the latest version of WhatsApp Plus Gold, against the ban

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold latest version ; One of the applications modified from the normal green WhatsApp application, which was developed by many Arab developers, in order to work on adding many important features that many people are looking for, including the anti-ban feature, which is exposure to ban and other things that we will list For you in our article today, the application is one of the developed versions like an application Blue WhatsApp PlusWhich achieved great fame in the Arab world and at the global level, so that the WhatsApp Plus Gold application achieved the same recent successes.

The version also contains all the features of the green WhatsApp application and the WhatsApp Plus application, and through the application, you can work to hide secret conversations and upload a video on cases greater than 30 seconds per case, and you can restore deleted messages and more than 20 different features.

Features of downloading WhatsApp Plus Gold - Royal - Yellow

  • Ability to hide appearance:

One of the important features that appeared in the new application for all users, which is to permanently hide the online appearance while using the application.

  • Not knowing receipt:

You can also, through the application, read all incoming and outgoing messages without knowing that the sender has read the messages, by canceling the blue check mark.

  • Writing and recording:

Among the features provided by the application to all users around the world, where you can write that you register through the application without knowing the future that you are preparing for the message.

  • Writing longer cases:

It also became for all users to work on writing longer cases on the application, which amount to more than 255 characters instead of 130 characters in the basic application, and you can work to add emojis as many as you want according to your desire.

تحميل واتس اب بلس الذهبي اخر اصدار
Download WhatsApp Plus Gold latest version

The application also contains a number of important features that many are looking for, including seeing the status of the person with whom you are having the conversation without having to enter his personal page, where the page appears to you at the bottom of the conversations, and you can also work on modifying the colors and changing the default colors of the application, including blue and green And red, and through the application, you can work to operate two numbers in WhatsApp in one mobile device.

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold latest version

As the application WhatsApp Plus Gold, of the applications that work on Android systems, and on iPhone systems, as the application has received more than 50 million downloads in the recent period, and the application succeeded in leading searches, whether on Google or other social pages, which is a great success for the application, and then You can get many of the features that we have listed to you in the article, which you can try immediately after downloading to the phone.

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