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Download WhatsApp Plus v12 the new version for Android and iPhone

Download WhatsApp Plus WhatsApp Plus v12 It is one of the new versions that have been developed by application developers around the world, in order to add many important features to all users in the world, which were revealed during the past few hours, after the new update was made available.

Whatsapp plus

WhatsApp Plus is one of the important modified electronic applications, which has achieved great fame in record time and very little. Rather, it has become one of the strongly required applications and competition for the main WhatsApp application of the global company Facebook, as the application provides a large number of features that help you obtain On a unique experience, by offering a huge number of important features that you will get once you download the application.

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Features of WhatsApp Plus 2021

Provides WhatsApp Plus applicationA very large number of features that the developers have added to the application are:

  • Providing the feature to hide the appearance and control the appearance on the application.
  • Significantly modify privacy options.
  • Send group messages directly to groups.
  • Hide conversations on the application.
  • Activate the automatic reply feature, through which an automatic reply can be sent to incoming messages.
  • Change the program font by providing 30 fonts.
  • Turn off the Internet on WhatsApp and turn it on on the mobile normally.
  • Upload a 7-minute video on WhatsApp.
  • Schedule messages sent on the app.
  • Recover deleted messages during conversations quickly and directly.
  • Disable automatic media download on your phone.
  • Send messages on WhatsApp without registering the number on the mobile.
  • Find out who visited your account or who became online.
  • Send a 30 MB video instead of 16 MB.
  • Send an audio clip of 100 MB instead of 16.
  • Send 90 photos at once instead of 10 photos.
  • Putting a case of 250 characters instead of 139 characters.

And many of the features provided by the application that you will discover on your own once you download the application on your mobile phone and start using it.

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WhatsApp Plus v12 new version

During the past hours, the developers of the application launched the twelfth version of WhatsApp Plus, which witnessed the following changes:

  • Provide new options in order to download stories to the phone.
  • Adding a lot of new WhatsApp themes that work on dark mode and normal mode.
  • Hide messages from the chat categorically and not appear on the application.
  • Provide multiple translation languages for voice translation service.

The release witnessed the launch of a number of important features that will help you to better develop your use of the application, while obtaining a very distinctive experience.

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Download WhatsApp Plus v12 new version

All users can get the new version of the application and download it to the mobile phone, by downloading it from the following links:

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

As the application has witnessed a very large number of important modifications that can help you get a unique experience for the first time with the application.

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