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Download WhatsApp Plus v13.5 the new version for Android and iPhone

Some developers are working on a release WhatsApp Plus version 13.5 New for iPhones and iPads, this new WhatsApp enables you to do many things on the Internet, such as the ability to permanently hide the appearance while using the new WhatsApp Plus application provided by some developers who love to make changes to global applications.

Blue WhatsApp Plus 

developers Whatsapp plus By making a new version of WhatsApp, which is WhatsApp Plus Blue without jailbreak, WhatsApp users on the iPhone were suffering from the lack of other versions of WhatsApp in order to enable them to make many different additions that are not present in the original WhatsApp, so the developers released this new version of WhatsApp, which Through it, you can hide your status and appear while online, and the story or status has become a larger number of characters. In the old version, the number of characters for the status of the story on WhatsApp was not more than 130 cliffs, but now with the new version, the number of characters has reached 255 characters, you will be able to use The case is without any restrictions or conditions that WhatsApp applies to you, so you will express what you want more freely to increase the number of characters, and the new WhatsApp also contains many great features that will benefit all users of the program, the most important of which is that it is completely free, so there are no costs to download it from the App Store .

Features of WhatsApp Plus version 13.5 WhatsApp Plus new version

The new WhatsApp Plus contains many wonderful features that the users of WhatsApp Al-Faqdi wanted, so the application came to meet the wishes of scholars and issued the new WhatsApp with its wonderful features, and among these features:

  • Themes and features are attached within the application.

You can choose the themes and shapes you want now in WhatsApp, where the program interface is completely customized and has many features through which you can specify the color of text, buttons and images, and there are more than 700 features available in the program and all of them are free, and the program downloads it itself with the same name, date and version .

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  • Many and varied emojis.

The new WhatsApp contains many of the original wonderful emojis that make the chat look better and more beautiful, and express the things that the user wants to say without the need to put words, only emojis will be enough to convey what the user wants.

  • Stealth Options (Hide Appearance)

The new WhatsApp version offers the option to hide and hide your appearance, you can hide your status from anyone you want or from any group, and you can also hide that you have seen the status for contacts

  • Large file sharing option.

The original WhatsApp only allows sending files that are up to 16MB in size, while the new WhatsApp version allows you to send larger files up to 50MB in size.

  • Change backgrounds for chats.

Another feature found in the new WhatsApp version, is that you can easily change the chat background for each person. With this feature, you can know the person who is talking to you without looking at his name, only from the background of the screen that you set, whether his image or anything that reminds you of him, you will know him with all ease.

  • Save history and conversation logs.

Designed Whatsapp plus APK Another great feature is that you can keep a record of anything you do on WhatsApp, so you can easily retrieve anything you want at any time.

  • Share most types of files.

The new version of WhatsApp allows you to share most types of files you want, so you can share videos that were in the old version no longer than 30 seconds, but in the new version it reached 60 seconds.

Download WhatsApp Plus v13.5 for Android and iPhone

The new version of the WhatsApp Plus application is one of the versions that many people are waiting for. It is now available on all phones, whether Android or iPhone, and it can be downloaded through the following links:

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

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