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Download WhatsApp + Plus update for Android and iPhone, latest version v8.20

Update WhatsApp Plus v8.20 ; It is the latest new updates announced by the developers of the application Whatsapp plus In the past few hours, the update witnessed the addition of many important features requested by many users in order to obtain important modifications that facilitate the process of use for them, whether on Android or iPhone, as the developers worked on adding various updates in order to present them to the public and to all users, which Their number reaches more than 50 million downloads on Android and iPhone systems around the world.

Download Update WhatsApp Plus v8.20

The developers of the application also explained that the new update included working on many important things, including working to take into account security and privacy issues in the application, as the security strength of the application was increased, in order to preserve the privacy of users around the world to preserve conversations, photos, files and other things. Important privacy matters that you will discover in the new update of the application.

The application witnessed the addition of many beautiful and important emoticons and stickers for all users, which can be used in the conversations you have with friends. Through the application, you can make group calls with groups without any problems. The automatic response feature has been added to conversations in an easy and simplified manner.

One of the advantages of the blue and yellow application is that you can attach images and files while maintaining their quality greatly, you can also hide writing or recording, and you can cancel the blue sign that appears when reading messages, and the application allows you to run more than one WhatsApp number on the same phone In an easy and simple way.

Download WhatsApp Plus v8.20 update for Android and iPhone

Download WhatsApp Plus v8.20 update; It is a wonderful application and a distinctive update of applications Whatsapp plus Global, as the application space reached 52 MB, which works on various Android systems starting from the 4.0+ system, where the application works on various phones for Android or iPhone, and the application has received more than 50 million downloads on phones in the last period.

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