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Download WhatsApp Plus v8.25 new version

WhatsApp Plus v8.25 ; One of the important releases that many people around the world expect, in order to get the new features that will be added in the application by some developers working to improve and develop the application, as the new version is expected to be launched on Android and iPhone phones in the few days The next, after the developers announced the completion of the last frills for the new update, and then all users will be able to work on downloading the new update on the phone, and start using all the different features that you will get once you download the update.

Features of updating WhatsApp Plus v8.25 new version

The new update witnessed many important features that you will get, which are as follows:

  • Adding more different additions and features that you will get in the application.
  • Update against ban.
  • You can also, through the new update, add WhatsApp stickers through the market applications on our website, and others.
  • The update also saw the addition of new fonts that you can use in the application.
  • Many different colored icons have also been added.
  • With the update, you can install 30 different conversations on the main screen.
  • You can also disable the opening of hidden conversations in the application, in some new options.
  • Arrange messages by oldest and newest, after viewing someone's messages in the group.
  • Through the application, you can add a confirmation by communicating with someone in the group.
  • You can also fix the forced stop error in the auto reply.

Download WhatsApp Plus v8.25 new version

As it began in the past few hours, the arrival of the new update to all users around the world, in order to use the important updates and fixes provided by the application to all users that we revealed in the previous lines, and the application also has many important features that cannot be obtained in any of the applications It is important, and it is constantly being fixed by all developers around the world, in order to satisfy users, and to add a lot of different fixes.

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