WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web ; It is one of the distinguished services provided by WhatsApp, a subsidiary of Facebook, in order to facilitate all users around the world, in order to use the WhatsApp web application on the desktop computer. The application for users on the personal computer, through a very easy way, as you will no longer need to install any applications on the computer in order to run WhatsApp on the computer, as the service succeeded in facilitating the task greatly, and won the approval of a large group of users, after Facilitating the use of WhatsApp.

How to use WhatsApp Web

As the way to use WhatsApp Web is very easy, and all users can work on using WhatsApp Web, by opening your WhatsApp application on your phone, then clicking on the three dots mark in the box adjacent to the word WhatsApp, then choosing WhatsApp Web, and it will The camera shows you, and then we open web.whatsApp.com And it will appear to you QR code And then you scan it through your phone, and the application will work on it very easily.

How to use WhatsApp Web

Before using WhatsApp Web, you must know some of the features and tricks that help you use the application better, and you must know them, in order to facilitate the process of using the application.

Learn keyboard shortcuts on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web has many important features by providing a large number of keyboard shortcuts, which help you in the correct use of the application, namely:

  • Ctrl+N: in order to start a new conversation.
  • Ctrl+Shift+]: In order to move to the next conversation.
  • Ctrl+Shift+[: In order to return to the previous conversation.
  • Ctrl+E: To move the conversation to the archive.
  • Ctrl+Shift+M: In order to make the conversation silent without sound at all.
  • Ctrl+Backspace: In order to delete the conversation.
  • Ctrl+shift+U: In order to mark the conversation as unread.
  • Ctrl+shift+N: to work on starting a new group.
  • Ctrl+P: In order to open the profile status.
  • ctrl+shift+equals: In order to enlarge the text or to return it to its normal size (-+ctrl+sheft).

Features of WhatsApp Web on PC

The global company WhatsApp has worked to provide many features through the global WhatsApp Web, where the company has worked to fully develop the services on the site, in order to provide a large number of new features that facilitate the process of use for all users, as the application has many features Which are completely endless, and we will review for you the most prominent features of the application, namely:

the speed:

The WhatsApp Web version is one of the very fast versions, as it depends primarily on the speed of the Internet and the browser you are using, as it is not like the application on phones, as WhatsApp Web works immediately after entering the site without any problem.

How to use WhatsApp Web


WhatsApp Web, from the completely secure version and more secure than regular applications, where you can only open the application through your QR on the phone.

Ease of use:

WhatsApp Web is one of the easiest programs in terms of dealing, as it does not need any complications in order to open it on the phone, as the site works directly after entering it, and activate WhatsApp Web on your phone, through the steps shown above, as the site will work Always with you after entering for the first time.

Leaving the site:

The process of exiting WhatsApp Web is very easy and not complicated, as you will never need to be on the web, in order to close the application, all you have to do is close it from the phone anywhere and at any time, by entering into WhatsApp Web , then click on all to exit browsers.

Compatible with all systems:

WhatsApp Web is fully compatible with various systems, and works without any problems on all Windows systems, and the application works on all types of computers without any problems at all.

Also, WhatsApp Web supports many international languages, including English, Arabic, French and other languages, where it can be used in the appropriate language for the user in an easy and simple way, and the browser provides you with a very high quality service, with the ability to send files and images on WhatsApp in conversations, The application also allows you to create groups and receive video and audio calls on the computer as well without any problems.

WhatsApp Web

that WhatsApp WebHe succeeded in reducing the effort made to use WhatsApp on the computer in the past, as the user needed to install many different programs in order to obtain the features of WhatsApp on the computer, but nowadays it has become very easy and uncomplicated as it was It happens in the past, with the click of a button, you can start using WhatsApp on the computer, while working to send and receive files very easily on the computer.

The site also has a lot of security and great privacy that has been provided to all users, in order to protect their personal files and all data exchanged on the computer, and you can work on encrypting your calls on the web, and you can exit the site easily and anywhere, as You never need to be near a computer in order to log out of WhatsApp Web, and the site has won many awards and is used by millions of people on a daily basis.

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