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How to create your own WhatsApp Plus stickers

Create your own WhatsApp Plus stickers ; One of the important things that many people are looking for in order to create many beautiful stickers on WhatsApp and send them to all our friends, in order to get happiness and fun in a very large way, as the WhatsApp instant messaging application launched, in the last period, the stickers feature for my system Android and iOS operating system, as part of the latest application update.

Where the feature succeeded in obtaining a lot of praise from various users, after it provided a great experience in the world of using stickers, as the feature can be modified easily by some developers, in order to add many different and new features.

How to create your own stickers and add them to WhatsApp:

You can work on creating your own stickers on the WhatsApp Plus application, by installing an external application on your phone, as the application bears the name Sticker Maker for WhatsApp, which allows you to convert any image into a sticker, through the application you can modify existing images In the phone, on Google Drive, or photos saved to different stickers.

We will show you how to use the Sticker maker app to create your own stickers and turn your selfies into WhatsApp stickers:

• At first go to the Android application store “Google Play”
• Then we install the Sticker maker for WhatsApp on your device.
• After that, we run the application, click on the option to create a new sticker pack.
• It will require you to enter a name for the sticker pack name and the name of the sticker pack author.
• Then click on Create.

How to create your own WhatsApp Plus stickers

• In the next step, we will click on the new menu option, and a new page will open allowing you to add up to 30 stickers of your own
• You will notice at the beginning, that the first sticker above will be the package icon that will appear as the identifier for your WhatsApp sticker pack
• In the next step, we will click on the add sticker icons to start creating your own stickers from the gallery, noting that it is not possible to make a sticker pack that includes less than 5 stickers
• After uploading the image that you want to convert to a poster, you will see at the bottom of the screen several tools to edit your photos and cut only the part you want to be a poster
• We are working on cutting the image as you want, then press the Yes save sticker button.

How to create your own WhatsApp Plus stickers

• In the next step, we repeat these steps above in order to add more custom stickers inside the package
• After you have finished placing all the stickers you want, we click on the Add to whatsapp option located in the lower left corner
• A pop-up screen will appear asking you to confirm the addition by pressing the Add button.

How to create your own WhatsApp Plus stickers

After you finish adding the sticker pack, it will automatically appear in the WhatsApp application, within the sticker packs, and your sticker pack will be defined in the application using the code you set for it.

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