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Download WhatsApp latest version 2020 Whatsapp Download for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

Download WhatsApp latest version 2019 ; It is one of the important applications used by more than one billion people on a daily basis, and it is also one of the very famous applications that has achieved many great successes and has become the most famous social networking application in the world, and the global company Facebook acquired the application in the recent period with more than 20 billion US dollars, In a deal that is the largest in the history of social networking, the application was founded in 2009 by American Brian Acton and Ukrainian Jan Koum (also CEO), and the application achieved very great successes, before it was sold to Facebook.

What distinguishes the application is that it works on all systems and on different systems such as (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone), and the application has received a lot of downloads and use, which reached more than 2 billion monthly users in a very short time, and this is a great success for the application.

Features of the WhatsApp application 

Easy and reliable messaging:

where he hears you Whatsapp applicationWork on messaging all family members and friends for free all over the world, without paying any fees at all, as the Internet connection only needs to work in a simple way, and the application offers you the feature of sending text, audio and video messages as well.

Download WhatsApp latest version 2019 Whatsapp Download for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

Whatsapp groups:

The WhatsApp application also helps you to activate many groups with all people, which help you communicate with those close to you in private groups, whether family members or co-workers, and you will be able to conduct group chats easily with the sharing of photos and videos within groups that can reach up to 256 people at a time, where you can work on naming the group, customizing its notifications, even muting it among other tweaks.

High quality audio and video calls:
The WhatsApp application is distinguished by the fact that it provides all users with the ability to make high-quality audio and video calls with close people, friends and family, without paying any fees at all, as you can make calls all over the world and not only in your country, and it also provides you with many advantages during conversations.
Share documents and photos:
The WhatsApp application helps you send PDF files and other documents, various tables, presentations and slides for work, without using mail and for free as well. The application helps you send documents of 100 MB, where you can send what you want to whom you want very easily.

Download WhatsApp latest version 2019 for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

Download WhatsApp, the latest version, is a free application that works on various phones, whether Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, and the application can be downloaded through the following links:

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