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Download WhatsApp Gold APK 17.70, the latest update for all phones

Download whatsapp plus update WhatsApp Gold APK 17.70, the latest update for all phones The update brought many important features that suit all users around the world, as the application offers a unique experience in the world of social networking, and the application has witnessed a number of wonderful changes that have been provided in the recent period, and through the website Whatsapp plus, we will talk about the update.

WhatsApp Plus Gold Update 17.70 is the new and second update in 2024, as work has been done to add many important changes that suit users of the application around the world.

What's new in the WhatsApp Gold APK 17.70 update?

تحميل تحديث واتساب بلس الذهبي WhatsApp Gold APK 17.70

In the same context, the update witnessed many important additions that are suitable for all users, as the features are as follows:

  • Improved protection and blocking.
  • Many fixes have been made in the application.
  • Solve application problems that have appeared recently.
  • Work has also been done to solve the problem of the application stopping.
  • End the problem of hanging and stopping the application.
  • Adding many features suitable for everyone.

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Features of WhatsApp Plus Gold

In addition, the WhatsApp Plus Gold application offers many important features, which are:

  • Send messages directly.
  • File sending limit is up to 999 MB.
  • Support multiple application languages.
  • Send photos in full resolution.
  • Emoji variants.
  • Hide media from gallery.
  • Hide messages feature.
  • Hide feature feature.
  • Hide blue mark feature.
  • Adding many symbols used in conversations.
  • Hide media from gallery.
  • Possibility to lock WhatsApp.
  • High levels of privacy.
  • Control the theme of the application.
  • Change the look of the home screen.
  • Change the shape of the emoji.
  • Possibility of sending a new group message.

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How to update WhatsApp Gold Plus APK 17.70

You can work on updating WhatsApp Plus Gold by following the following:

  • Download the APK file through the official website.
  • Open Settings in the app on your device.
  • Then open the Protection tab in the application.
  • You will get the new version of the released update.
  • Allow application installation from unknown sources or third-party installation.
  • Press on activation Button to enable third-party installation.

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Download WhatsApp Gold APK 17.70 update

Users of the WhatsApp Plus Gold application can work on downloading the new update, which carries version, as the update offers many wonderful features that will help you use the application in a wonderful and distinctive way for all people, and it can be downloaded through the following links:

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

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