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WhatsApp Plus: The new update carries the night system, call waiting, self-destruction, and more

The next update of the WhatsApp Plus version will get many new features, according to the next version of the original WhatsApp, which gives many features such as the night theme, which gives comfort to the eye and facilitates reading, as well as self-destruction and waiting for calls. The next updates start during the first months of 2020 and this It may give many powers and potential developments by WhatsApp Plus, which gives a unique experience to the users of our version, and we will work hard to integrate exciting developments for users of the WhatsApp Plus application.

Night theme:

It is not new to WhatsApp Plus, as you can get this feature through the themes available on the theme repository in the application.

Call waiting:

Now you can see the people who are calling you while you are in a call and give it a waiting feature, and you can also merge conversations and group calling.

self destruction :

It seems that this addition is more controversial, as it gives many features that will be developed by the developers of WhatsApp Plus versions, which is the destruction of a conversation after writing in a certain period of time, which may raise the level of privacy and this is what we may try to adopt in the WhatsApp Plus versions

The self-destructing message feature, as it appeared in the beta version of the WhatsApp application, will be called Delete Messages and can be activated through the contact information screen in the traditional chat or “Groups” chatting, according to WABetainfo. In the case of disabling the feature, messages will be deleted in the usual way currently, but if you want to activate it, you can choose a predefined value from the list such as: “an hour, day, week, month, year” and after that time period the message will disappear by itself . Other applications rely on shorter durations.

Now you can download all copies of WhatsApp Plus and enjoy many features that are not included in the original WhatsApp application, and this gives you greater freedom to prepare the destination of the application, hide the appearance or cancel the deleted messages, and also control who makes the phone call and enjoy many updates from our site.


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