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Download the new WhatsApp Plus 2021 WhatsApp Plus for Android and iPhone

The WhatsApp application has become widely used, as it is used by millions of people around the world, as it is a free messaging application that allows you to send messages to anyone around the world, and many new updates have been released to the WhatsApp application, including the WhatsApp Plus application, which allows many The advantages that the regular WhatsApp application does not provide.

How to download the WhatsApp Plus application

Available WhatsApp Plus application A version suitable for all types of phones, where you can easily use the application on your mobile device, whether it is Android or Ios, where with one click you can download the application without being restricted, as all you have to do is enter the appropriate browser that supports downloading the application and press Download button and the application will be installed on the mobile directly within a minute or less.

Terms of downloading the WhatsApp Plus application

The application does not require many complicated conditions, but first you have to choose the appropriate browser to download the application. The Safari browser is the best browser so far, through which the application is downloaded. This browser downloads the best version of the WhatsApp Plus application on iPhone devices and all types of mobile phones. .

It is also very necessary to remove the normal WhatsApp application from the device, as the presence of the two applications on one device causes one of the applications to slow down or not work at the required level.

It is also preferable to keep the backup on the mobile device, because this application may cause the deletion of this data when it is installed, and you will find more than 20 versions of this application, including the WhatsApp Plus application, the WhatsApp Abu Omar application, the WhatsApp Gold application, and the Red WhatsApp application.

Features of the WhatsApp Plus application

Contain WhatsApp Plus application It has many advantages that distinguish it from the regular WhatsApp, as it offers many designs and other features that many are looking for, which has greatly increased the use of the application.

  • This application supports the feature of controlling the form of WhatsApp, as many have been bored with the form of the traditional application and many want to add a certain touch to it. To the screen when you get a new message, and it provides a lot of designs that you can combine.
  • Hide last appearance This is a new feature provided by the application, where you can hide your last appearance on the application through the settings, moreover, you can record a specific date that appears as your last appearance on the application and this date remains fixed until it is changed.
  • There is also a feature to hide the read and receive messages that appear next to the message, and this feature will help you if you do not want to receive messages from certain people.
  • One of the advantages that many people like in this application is the feature of downloading WhatsApp cases to your friends, and normal WhatsApp does not provide this feature, as you can download all friends’ cases and you can use them as a case again.

How to change the language of WhatsApp Plus from English to Arabic

The application is also installed and works in Arabic, but do not worry about this topic, the application also supports the Arabic language, which you can change simply by going to the application settings and choosing the language and changing the language from English to Arabic.

Download the new WhatsApp Plus 2021 WhatsApp Plus for Android and iPhone

Where the application is free and does not need to pay any fees in order to obtain it, all those wishing to download WhatsApp Plus Gold can obtain it and start using it through the following links:

Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

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