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How to protect WhatsApp from spying and hacking

Protect WhatsApp from spying and hacking ; One of the very important questions that many people are looking for from users of the application What's Up around the world, in order to provide full protection for conversations, photos and other important matters that are circulated on WhatsApp, following the circulation of some news that there were some hacks or spying on accounts that occurred in some countries of the world, as protecting WhatsApp requires a lot One of the important things that must be done, in order to maintain our account strongly, as the application launched a large number of developments in the past period, in order to save effort on users, especially when using the application to provide privacy in a very large way.

How to protect WhatsApp from spying and hacking

WhatsApp can be protected from spying or hacking, through some easy steps, which came as follows:

Sometimes you may find replies that you did not send to your friends on WhatsApp.

- You can also find out by entering the feature WhatsApp Web, from the settings menu and see the devices that are connected to the application and make sure of them well, where in the event of any doubt about the devices, it is possible to work to log out from all devices, by clicking on log out from all devices.

How to protect WhatsApp from hacking and spying

You can also work to protect WhatsApp from hacking, through some easy steps:

At first, you must enter the three dots at the top of the screen, then enter the account of the account and you will find in front of it the key code, after that we click on two-step verification and in English means two-step verification, after that in the next step we click on Activate, by adding verification In two steps, and you will add a secret number, you must register it in the WhatsApp account again, in the last step you must write your password, and you must memorize it very well, then click on Next, where you must repeat the same password ( Note: The written number is an example only, you have to write the number you memorize.

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