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Features of the WhatsApp Plus application, Abu Saddam Al-Rifai

Abu Saddam Al-Rifai WhatsApp Plus application ; One of the modified versions of WhatsApp Plus, which has been widely circulated on all phones, as it is a modified version of the main WhatsApp application by adding a lot of important features that many people are looking for, which is used on all phones.

Features of the WhatsApp Plus application, Abu Saddam Al-Rifai

Themes and colors:

Application Whatsapp plus Abu Saddam Al-Rifai, owns many themes and colors inside the application for free, and you can use them according to your desire, as the developers have added a very large number of beautiful colors, and you can also put your own images on the application as a theme or background.

app lock :

Through the application, you can work to increase protection and security more than the basic WhatsApp, where you can add a new layer of protection, which is a password consisting of a number of numbers or letters, which must be entered in order to open the application.

Features of the WhatsApp Plus application, Abu Saddam Al-Rifai

Internet disconnect:

The Abu Saddam Al-Rifai application allows you to separate the Internet from the application only and work on the entire phone, where you can work to control the state of the Internet directed to the application.

Hide appearance:

The application provides you with the ability to hide your appearance through a lot of privacy settings within the application, where you can hide your appearance from the application permanently and your status will not appear to friends at all.

Not deleting messages:

also saved you WhatsApp appThe advantage of deleting messages from both sides, where you can work on deleting messages between you and a friend completely, while with the WhatsApp Abu Saddam Al-Rifai application, neither the friend nor you will succeed in deleting the messages, so that you can read them.

Secure conversations:

Through the application, you can work to secure your conversations on WhatsApp very easily, by setting secret patterns in order to prevent anyone from opening the application without obtaining your prior permission.

Operate two WhatsApp numbers:

The Abu Saddam Al-Rifai WhatsApp application allows you to run more than one WhatsApp account on the same phone without being permanently banned, as you can download 3 copies of the application on the phone and run them at the same time, without the need to buy a new phone.

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