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Download WhatsApp Plus 10.00, the new version for Android and iPhone

Download WhatsApp Plus 10.00 One of the new versions launched by the company, as the program has become one of the most popular programs that bring many people closer to each other in many different places and countries. With the expansion of the social network, these programs provide all people with reassurance about each other at any time and any place. The new WhatsApp program has many features that distinguish it from the green WhatsApp, and the golden WhatsApp is an updated version of the old WhatsApp program.

Also, WhatsApp Gold supports many features and features that distinguish it from other programs. It carries a privacy feature and it is not important for anyone to speak to anyone unless he registers his number first, and there are some other features that we will learn about through this article, and we also know On the way to download the new golden WhatsApp by clicking on a dedicated link to download it and without paying any financial fees, it can be downloaded in a few minutes and without making any effort, so we know its features and how to download it.

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Features of WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is an updated version of the green WhatsApp, as it is one of the best programs that many people deal with, and due to its many features and characteristics, it includes millions of people who deal with this program. Some modifications and updates to this program, we will get acquainted with some of the added features of the program:-

  • One of the most distinguishing features of the WhatsApp Plus program is that it supports privacy and also that there is no hacker or theft of your account, such as the Facebook Messenger program, because this program is with the phone number only and no one can impersonate the phone number because it comes to you a message that someone tries a private phone number You to use your account, so you can secure your account again.
  • It is also one of the most popular programs that support browsing the program from anywhere. You can open it first on your web by taking a screenshot and sending this image so that the program makes sure that you are the same person who wants to open the program on the web.
  • supports program Whatsapp plus Many of the world's languages, as it is one of the most popular languages supported by the Arabic language and the English language, and there are many other languages for different countries of the world.
  • This program is equipped with the feature of sending many images and videos at one time, and you can write any of the messages and then delete the message you want to delete, as you can press for a second on the message you are scanning and press delete for everyone, and the message did not appear again to the person nor A person can see it.
  • You can use the new WhatsApp Plus to chat with many people and put them in a group chat that includes up to 100 people, and you can also call them video, but the video chat feature supports three people in one call that shows their picture.

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Download WhatsApp Plus 10.00 new version

you may Download WhatsApp Plus The new one at any time and anywhere, you can download it to your computer and also to the phone, and all of them work with one phone number and it is not required that you write another phone number, as downloading the WhatsApp Plus program is one of the easiest things possible, as we put a link to download the WhatsApp program The new App Plus is the simplest way to download the program.

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