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Download WhatsApp Plus 8.70 for Android and iPhone

WhatsApp Plus 8.70 for Android and iPhone is the new version of the new WhatsApp Plus application, which was launched in the past few hours by the developers of the application for all users around the world, whether on the Android system or the iPhone system, as the application has many different and distinctive features Which helped users to get a new and very distinctive experience through the application, and the application has many features that are not present in the basic green WhatsApp application of Facebook.

What's new in WhatsApp Plus 8.70

WhatsApp Plus 8.70 for Android and iPhone has witnessed a lot of new modifications and changes for all users, based on the requests of users around the world, and the developers have worked to add the features that came as follows:

  • The option to send a high-resolution image has been fixed.
  • The font size option in the main menu screen has also been fixed.
  • Adjustments have been made to the size of the Facebooks inside the groups.

whereas Whatsapp plus, one of the modified versions by developers around the world, by adding a lot of important features to the application, including increasing privacy and the ability to modify it in a simple and easy way without any problems, as it is possible to control the last appearance and also control the application settings completely and special colors The application, and the modification of the entire application design without any problems.

تحميل واتس اب بلس WhatsApp Plus 8.70 للاندرويد والآيفون
Download WhatsApp Plus 8.70 for Android and iPhone

The application provides you with a very beautiful and important feature, which is to operate two lines on the same phone, a feature that is not present in the application What's Up It is also possible to control the duration of the case that has been uploaded to the application completely, which helps you express everything inside you for a long time, without the need to divide cases like what was present in the main application.

Download WhatsApp Plus 8.70 for Android and iPhone

WhatsApp Plus 8.70 for Android and iPhone is a free application that has received more than 50 million downloads in a very short time, and the application works on all phones with all its features, especially old or economical phones, and the application can be downloaded through the following links:

Download GB WhatsApp Plus:

Download GB3 WhatsApp:

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