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Download the WhatsApp Plus 17.52 update, the latest version of WhatsApp Plus v17.52

Download the WhatsApp Plus 17.52 update, the latest version of WhatsApp Plus v17.52 To every person who loves conversations, we tell him that you need to know a lot about WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp is considered one of the most important applications for instant chat, due to the features and characteristics it contains, as the new and developed versions of WhatsApp are the required versions of the original WhatsApp, and this is because the developers have Developing many versions of WhatsApp, each version is different from the other, and it is worth noting that WhatsApp is nothing but an end-to-end encryption application via smart phones, and we will talk about WhatsApp Plus in this article in detail.

Modern types of WhatsApp

There are many modern types of WhatsApp, where you can run two WhatsApp accounts on one device, and among the modern types of WhatsApp are the following:

  • WhatsApp Plus: It gives you control over privacy, and many features with different tags, meaning it is one of the best versions of WhatsApp ever.
  • The original golden WhatsApp: It has many features, and the most prominent of these features is the invisibility feature with anti-ban feature.
  • WhatsApp GB: It is somewhat similar to WhatsApp Plus, but with some differences.
  • WhatsApp Omar: It gives you many features that give you more privacy.
  • WhatsApp Aero: It is a new version dedicated to the Android system.
  • Fouad WhatsApp: It is a pink application and many women use it while providing many features.
  • WhatsApp Black Gold: It is one of the most recently modified and reliable WhatsApp applications.
  • Green WhatsApp: It contains a lot of new features.
  • Red WhatsApp: gives you the advantage of running two WhatsApp accounts on different phones.

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Features WhatsApp Plus update 17.52

The WhatsApp application includes many countless features, but in this paragraph we will list for you the most prominent features, which are as follows:

  • Add the themes you want, and include the desired backgrounds.
  • The ability to recover photos that you deleted in chat.
  • Receive notifications telling you that someone has viewed your story.
  • The possibility of hiding the last appearance.
  • Possibility of hiding the CV.
  • Freedom to choose who sees your story.
  • Possibility to hide the word “writes now.”
  • Hide the recording of the last connection time.
  • Hide online now.
  • The ability to use WhatsApp on more than one number.
  • Control WhatsApp Plus settings.
  • Ability to send videos up to 50 MB.
  • Provides high accuracy while taking photos through WhatsApp Plus.
  • Easy to use, does not take up much space.
  • You can write a case of about 300 words.
  • Control by changing settings.

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How to download WhatsApp Plus 17.52 update

The steps to download WhatsApp Plus come in easy and simple steps, which are as follows:

  • Visit the download WhatsApp Plus APK file by entering the link from here directly.
  • Download the APK and install on your phone.
  • Then make a full backup.
  • After the installation process, enter the phone number.
  • Type your name to listen in the application.

We have reached the conclusion, and we have talked about WhatsApp Plus in all its details, including information that is useful to every visitor to our website. Through it we provided all the information about the update.

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